Soft power: The new importance of corporate culture and ESG

22 August 2018

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Corporate leadership matters, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are increasingly being adopted by companies seeking responsible investments and positive corporate cultures. And with business experts finding a correlation between strong corporate values and higher performance metrics, dealmakers are also starting to take an interest in the prevailing ethics and culture at a potential target. 

In order to understand the importance of ESG and corporate culture principles as they relate to M&A deals, as well as the challenges of integrating and evaluating such principles, Mergermarket on behalf of Toppan Vintage spoke with six dealmakers with experience in the field.

Points of discussion include:

  • What are the biggest challenges in establishing and maintaining a positive corporate culture?
  • How difficult is it to evaluate a company’s corporate culture during the due diligence process?
  • How does corporate culture affect a company's attractiveness as an acquisition target or IPO investment?