The Push for Long-Termism

12 April 2019

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In the current era of the 24-hour news cycle, focusing on the long term can seem like a novelty. And yet many corporate executives and investors have begun emphasizing the benefits of looking beyond the upcoming quarterly or annual financials. However, not everyone agrees that longer-term thinking is a worthy priority, and some disagree about the length of time worth prioritizing.

To explore the most important factors influencing long-termism in the current environment, Toppan Merrill commissioned Mergermarket to speak with four leading experts for their insights.

Topics of discussion include:

• What effect, if any, has the push for ESG investing had on efforts to move toward long-termism?

• Do you think recent interest in passive investment strategies makes it easier for companies to focus on the long term?

• Are there particular regulatory changes you think would be effective at encouraging longer-term thinking at companies?