The New Wave of Protectionism

16 October 2018

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Ripple effects from the U.S. government’s recent tariff actions continue to impact the global economy. In turn, these volatile trade policies have forced dealmakers to reassess the risks of an increasingly political cross-border deal environment. But with M&A on pace to break last year’s value total, how will escalating protectionism affect investor sentiment heading into 2019? To find out how deal practitioners are responding to the changes in global trade, Mergermarket on behalf of Toppan Vintage spoke with six experts for their insights.

Points of discussion include:

  • Will U.S. tariffs benefit certain domestic players and thereby increase domestic deal activity?
  • Are private equity firms finding new opportunities amid recent protectionist measures?
  • Given the protectionist measures being put in place, what are the best avenues of cooperation or transactional activity with China at the moment?