Lite-On Semi/Diodes: SAMR issues all ironed out, companies on waiting mode, sources say

US-based Diodes Incorporated envisages no further issues with regard to getting clearance from China ‘s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) for its TWD 42.5 per share acquisition of Taiwanese chip maker Lite-On Semiconductor, two sources familiar with the situation told this news service.


SAMR last contacted the deal parties in April, and no substantial issues were raised in the communication, according to the first source familiar.


“The companies are literally on waiting mode for SAMR to make a decision,” the second source said.


As reported, the deal was accepted by SAMR for review in late February. This suggested the deal is currently under the 90-day Phase-II process, which ends around late June.


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by Robert Lo in Taipei and Lisha Zhou in Shanghai