Joining forces: How to integrate start-ups into large corporates

14 November 2018

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Acquiring a start-up is becoming a popular way for large corporations to modernize internal practices, bring in technology and connect with younger customers. Integrating a start-up into a large conglomerate, however, needs to be done with care to deliver results. Corporate history is littered with examples of large corporates acquiring fast-growing start-ups, only to see them struggle post-acquisition because of misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations and cultural incompatibility.

To understand how large companies can effectively integrate fast-growing but culturally different start-ups, Mergermarket on behalf of Toppan Vintage spoke with three experts.

Points of discussion include:

• What are the most common points of tension between a large company and a start-up after acquisition?

• What are the biggest risks faced by both start-ups and large corporates when undertaking such transactions?

• Beyond technology, what other sectors might see start-up acquisitions in the near future?