Corporate governance frameworks: Hype or an essential practice?

22 October 2019

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Corporate governance frameworks offer to formalize a company’s policies and potentially deliver additional transparency to external investors. But the roadmap to creating an effective set of policies and deciding who should be accountable for them isn’t as clear. Indeed, even after a company has enacted governance policies, constant review and improvements are not only good practice, but critical in a rapidly changing environment. To find out how the corporate governance landscape is evolving, Toppan Merrill commissioned Mergermarket to survey corporate respondents in North American firms for their insights.
Key findings include:
  • 56% of executives surveyed say their company’s principles and beliefs were the basis for their governance policies, followed by federal and state laws/regulations (20%).
  • 96% of respondents say regulation and compliance is an area covered by their corporate governance policies.
  • 64% of respondents update their corporate governance policies at least once a year, with the remainder doing so “as needed.”