Australian renewables report 2021: Positive outlook for renewable energy investment

22 March 2021

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Acuris is pleased to present “Australian renewables report 2021: Positive outlook for renewable energy investment” published in association with MinterEllison.

As Australia’s renewable energy market continues to grow and inspire, the outlook has never looked better. Global investors are overwhelmingly positive about the Australian renewable energy sector: 65% say they will increase investment in the next 12-24 months, with another 20% saying their current level of investment will remain unchanged. Investors point to a number of notable features – climate and topography, greenfield opportunities and advanced technology and innovation, among many others – that make Australia an attractive market for renewables, alongside emerging trends and opportunities in hydrogen that could propel interest going forward.

This report explores the current trends shaping the Australian renewable energy market, in addition to the main drivers behind deals, opportunity sectors and challenges facing investors.

Key highlights include:

  • COVID-19’s impact: 50% of investors say COVID-19 is having no impact on their investment strategy, while any 35% say they will renew investment within the next year.
  • Policy support: 86% say that state policies across Australia will be supportive toward renewables in the year ahead, while 80% say likewise for federal policies.
  • Opportunity sectors: PV solar and offshore wind are seen as the top opportunity sectors where investors will look for deals in 2021.
  • Hydrogen’s time: 49% say hydrogen will be an investment hotspot in 2021, with another 69% saying developments in Australia’s hydrogen economy will cross an inflection point in the year ahead.