The age of hypercomplexity: Technology, business and regulators

22 January 2020

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Mergermarket, in partnership with Baker McKenzie, is proud to present The age of hypercomplexity: Technology, business and regulators
Change has historically been said to occur in waves. As highlighted in our first Age of Hypercomplexity report, however, it is perhaps more fitting to say that change is now happening in tsunamis: towering disruptions that wipe away well established trends, products and processes in sometimes a matter of months. Indeed, sentiments among respondents across Asia Pacific on the trajectory of the change curve show that change will not just be a constant, but an accelerating force that will almost permanently keep them on their toes. More than half (55%) of respondents expect the rate of technological change to accelerate and 30% now describe it as exponential.
In this report, the second in our Simplifying Business in a Complex World series, we provide a view of the mega trends impacting business in Asia Pacific, looking specifically at how businesses are preparing for the next wave of disruptive change and how regulatory bodies across the region and globally may be falling behind.   
Key highlights include:
  • Preparing for change: 55% of respondents expect that rate of tech change to accelerate, and 68% say they are confident that their organizations are to some extent adept at exploiting the benefits of new tech.
  • Managing tech risks: Only 20% of respondents feel confident in their ability to manage tech-related risks as many executives question their organization’s ability to handle pressures from the rapidly evolving tech space.
  • Regulators fall behind: 83% say policymakers were behind the curve in terms of the laws they passed relating to tech and innovation.