The age of hypercomplexity: Asia Pacific business and legal macrotrends

03 May 2019

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Mergermarket is pleased to present The age of hypercomplexity: Asia Pacific business and legal macrotrends, published in association with Baker McKenzie.
Our world has never been more connected – by technology, manufacturing, trade, supply chains, tourism and popular culture – and this unprecedented globalization has created enormous benefits for much of the world's population. However, a number of key events and trends are creating a tsunami of complexity and the majority of business leaders that participated in our research see the process of doing business becoming more or far more challenging in the months and years ahead.
In this report, the latest in our Simplifying Business in a Complex World series, we provide a view of the mega trends impacting business in Asia Pacific, looking specifically at how businesses in China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India are anticipating key challenges and looking for new opportunities, and where they are set to invest as a result.
Key highlights include:
  • Complexity barometer: 66% of the 600 respondents in our survey feel that doing business is becoming more complex, an increase from 57% two years ago.
  • Investment expectations: Investment will continue unimpeded despite the above sentiments, and more respondents will increase investment internationally (82%) than in their home markets (79%).
  • Top complexities: Compliance and regulatory scrutiny will be the top challenge for businesses in the year ahead, followed by economic uncertainty and cost pressures/shrinking margins.