The 13th AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum - USA 2018

For 13 years, the AVCJ USA Forum has provided a platform for North American LPs and GPs to receive an update on Asia in New York. The Forum provides a comprehensive update on private market investment opportunities from brand name Asian GPs and longstanding investors in Asian Private Equity and Venture Capital. Speakers will share their insights and strategies for investing, building partnerships and achieving superior returns in Asia. Join over 150 industry professionals in New York for one day of country insights, insightful panels and in-depth case studies. Reasons to attend: • Asia: Hear Regional experts share their knowledge on where to invest and how to achieve superior returns • Network: Meet a diverse and powerful group of North American LPs, Asian GPs and advisors • Uncover: The pockets of growth and how to take advantage of them • Insight: Gain perspective on the nuances of Asian private equity and how to develop the right partnerships • Hear: How experienced LPs construct an Asian portfolio